Saving the Stray Cat: A Touching Story of a Fearless Girl and a Deformed Feline Ignored by Many

A cat in Istanbul is facing tough times as it tries to survive on the streets while dealing with a severely damaged face. This feline, although unique in its appearance, has been through a lot while scavenging for food amongst the garbage.

Despite her unattractive appearance, no one could help but ignore the pitiful animal as they passed by. Except for a young child, only seven years old, who saw beyond the animal’s deformities and recognized the need for assistance. The little girl was moved to take action and do what she could to help the sick and fragile creature.


Several groups exist that have made it their mission to save animals, resulting in the rescue of numerous pets annually.


Ensuring that our furry friends have everything they need, such as nourishing food and proper healthcare, can come with a hefty price tag. It’s not uncommon to find ourselves in a situation where we may struggle to afford all the necessary items for our pets.

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