“A Hilarious Mishap: Thor the Dog Battles Hedgehog and Ends Up With a Face Full of Quills in Brazil”

In Brazil, a dog named Thor had an unfortunate encounter with a porcupine resulting in hundreds of quills embedded in its face. The incident occurred on February 20 in Sao Paulo. Photos depict the golden brown dog with yellow quills covering various parts of its body, including the mouth, forehead, nose, ears, and legs. The owner, Adriano Bertoline, who is currently unemployed, launched an online appeal for help with veterinary costs. Fortunately, local councillor Dr Jose Roberto Apolari came to the rescue, taking Thor to a clinic and assisting with the expenses. This is not the first time the three-year-old canine has had a run-in with a porcupine, having sustained similar injuries in the past year.

On February 20, a dog in Brazil named Thor got into a fight with a porcupine and ended up with hundreds of quills stuck in its face. The golden brown dog was found impaled with yellow quills on its mouth, forehead, nose, ears, and right leg. Unfortunately, Thor’s owner, Adriano Bertoline, could not afford to pay the veterinary bill, so he launched an online appeal for help. A local councillor named Dr Jose Roberto Apolari saw the plea and stepped in to assist. He took Thor to a veterinary clinic, where the porcupine quills were removed from the dog’s body. According to Adriano, this is the second time Thor has been involved in a fight with a porcupine in a year. In February 2021, his friend who worked at a private veterinary clinic helped the injured dog. Dr Apolari’s support was crucial for Thor’s recovery, as Adriano is currently unemployed and has four children to feed. The kind councillor not only took the dog to the clinic but also helped with the costs and brought Thor back home after the treatment. There is no information about the condition of the porcupine after the attack.

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