35 Minimalistic Yard Landscaping Designs for Your Home

Today, even a small backyard can look and feel spacious if it is designed the right way. With the right landscaping ideas, you can have an aesthetically appealing lawn and still have enough functional space for the family to enjoy.

When planning your landscape, it’s best to cultivate native or indigenous plants since you can be sure that there is always something growing in the yard year-round.

In case you want to have some trees on your yard, select ones that grow up instead of out. Tall and thin trees will give you lush landscaping without eating up all your space.

To maximise a small space for a landscape, you have to think outside the box. Consider having terraced landscaping since this helps designate spaces and make a small yard look bigger.

Terracing can also enable you have to more space for plantings and the lower walls can double as bench seatings.


Another good idea would be to have a trellis built above which you can cover with native vines. This trellis will define your patio space and provide shade.

If your yard is surrounded by fences, make them more appealing by painting them or adorning them with decorative items.

Plain white fences can you give the sense of enclosure, but decorating them will provide anyone looking at them a sense of depth.

An adorning tip you can consider is to attach planters to the fence to add more greenery in the yard.

Space is your biggest concern when landscaping a small back yard. But with the right ideas, techniques, and tips, you can have a well-designed, attractive and functional yard.

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